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Access Public Data from LinkedIn Company pages in the structured template with MagicalAPI’s Company Data Service for business insights.

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Market Analytics

How Does It Work?

Type Company Page URL

Start by entering the URL of the LinkedIn Company Page you're interested in. This is your first step towards unlocking a wealth of strategic business information directly from LinkedIn

Extracting Public Data

Our service efficiently processes the specified Company Page to extract all available public data. This includes key details like company size, industry, location, and more, ensuring you have a comprehensive dataset for analysis.

Export Data

After data extraction, you can conveniently export the information in JSON format. This flexibility allows for easy integration with other software tools or systems, enabling seamless data analysis and application in your business strategies.
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What is Company Data?

Our Company Data service offers in-depth profiles and business insights by extracting public information from LinkedIn Company Pages, providing a rich dataset for strategic analysis.

How Does Data Export Work?

Easily export the extracted company data in a versatile JSON format, allowing for straightforward integration with your analytical tools or CRM systems for enhanced business intelligence.

What Insights Can I Expect?

Gain access to comprehensive company profiles, including industry trends, company size, key personnel, and more, enabling up-to-date market research and competitive analysis.

Who Benefits from Company Data?

Ideal for marketers, sales professionals, researchers, and strategists seeking detailed business insights to drive decision-making, strategy development, and market positioning.

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