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Start by uploading your resume. This simple first step allows our advanced AI to access and evaluate your document, preparing for a thorough analysis based on current industry standards and job market expectations.

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After reviewing your resume, our system generates a comprehensive score that reflects its current effectiveness. This score, along with detailed feedback, pinpoints areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, guiding you towards a more impactful resume.

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After evaluating your resume, you can export the comprehensive score and detailed feedback in JSON format. This facilitates easy integration with other tools or platforms, allowing you to action our recommendations efficiently.
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What is Resume Review?

Our Resume Review service provides a detailed analysis of your resume, offering expert feedback on its strengths and areas for improvement to help you stand out to potential employers.

How do I receive feedback?

Feedback is delivered through a comprehensive report that includes a score and personalized recommendations for enhancing your resume. This report can be exported in JSON format for your convenience.

What improvements can I expect?

Expect strategic advice on structure, content, and presentation, along with specific tips to increase your resume's appeal to recruiters and hiring managers, tailored to your career goals and the job market.

Can I use this service for any job application?

Absolutely. Our Resume Review is designed to benefit job seekers across all industries and career levels, offering customized insights to optimize your resume for any job application.

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