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Upload Your Resume

Begin by uploading the resume you wish to parse. Our service accepts various formats, ensuring flexibility and ease of use. This step initiates the process of transforming your resume data into structured, actionable insights.

Extracting Data

Once uploaded, our advanced algorithms analyze the resume, meticulously extracting key information such as personal details, work history, education, skills, and more. This process is designed for precision, capturing the essence of the resume's content.

Export Data

After the extraction, the structured data is ready to be exported. You can choose to receive the output in JSON format, making it easy to integrate with your HR systems or databases for further processing or analysis.
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What is Resume Parsing?

Resume parsing is a technology that converts unstructured resume data into a structured format, making it easier to store, analyze, and match candidate profiles with job requirements.

How accurate is the parsing?

Our Resume Parser utilizes advanced algorithms to ensure high accuracy in data extraction, capturing key details from resumes with precision to support your hiring decisions.

What formats can I export?

Beyond JSON export, our service supports various formats to suit your needs, enabling seamless integration with your HR systems or databases for efficient processing and analysis.

Who benefits from using Resume Parser?

HR professionals, recruiters, and hiring managers greatly benefit from using our Resume Parser. It streamlines the candidate evaluation process, saving time and improving the accuracy of talent acquisition efforts.

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